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Modern psychology states about regular exercise: The body produces endorphins which, among other things, give physical and mental wellbeing and positivity, increase satisfaction and make us more optimistic, improving our learning abilities. For this reason, exercise contributes to a substantial increase in happiness in individuals who practice it constantly.

For over 20 years now I have worked at a church while simultaneously teaching Jiu-Jitsu at a gym. This mix of careers has allowed me to see so many different issues that people deal with on a daily basis. One of the most common issues in adults is just being irritable, grumpy towards others, and generally unhappy. With most adults aging brings weight gain and a routine that limits our ability to exercise. This leads to so many health problems that create bad attitudes and often depression. As we become more dissatisfied with our physical appearance we lose our self-confidence. Adults see themselves as unattractive and often cling aggressively to their spouse thinking they see the same thing. The stress of our daily lives leads to a lack of sleep which increases irritability.

So what can you do? Two really simple things. First you can eat better. It is proven that when you take sugar out of your diet. You will naturally lower your calorie intake and lose weight. Your cholesterol will drop which will improve your heart . Science has actually identified eleven things proven to happen when you take sugar out of your diet:

  1. You will find mental clarity

  2. You decrease your risk of diabetes

  3. You will lose weight

  4. You will be happier after the three days of withdrawals

  5. Your skin will improve

  6. You will avoid several illness linked with inflammation

  7. You will look younger - It is proven that high sugar makes your skin wrinkle faster

  8. You will have better breath

  9. You will have better teeth

  10. You will sleep better

  11. You will not have as many mood swings

The second thing you can do is get at least 30 minutes of intense cardio each day. What I mean by intense is not just walking at a slow pace on a treadmill trying not to sweat. This sounds funny but one thing I hear from a lot of women is that they do not like to sweat. It messes up their hair and makeup. This is an obstacle that we have to get past for better health.

Here is what happens when you put in 30 hard minutes each day.

  1. You will boost circulation

  2. Increase muscle and look more defined

  3. Increase endorphins

  4. Help your body work more efficiently

  5. Improve your mood

  6. Decrease irritability

What’s the point? I have had so many spouses come in and tell me that their husband or wife is a better person while training. For both men and women we are able to get our focus back on track and have improved moods and self-confidence.

Last thing: Ladies, do you wonder why your husband is so grumpy? It's a frustration build up. Most men store aggression and it comes out from time to time in horrible ways. Men who have a physical release through exercise have better moods and increased joy. I have told so many wives over the years, “if you could just find a cardio activity that pushes him, that he enjoys, he will be better in all phases of life.”

So, get up, get out and get moving. Thirty minutes to one hour a day can improve every part of your life. Get those sugar filled drinks, snacks, and foods out of your life. You can do it. It will take commitment and hard work, but doesn’t everything that’s really important,

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