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Facing Giants

In 2006 the movie Facing the Giants was released. This was a small budget movie that had a huge impact. The major idea was overcoming giant obstacles that often hold us back. The story really goes back to David and Goliath. Most people know that story. A young teenage boy stands up to a giant with limit training and resources. He stands up to a giant when everyone else is cowering in fear. He stands up to giant when everyone is trying to talk him out of it. He stands up to a giant because it’s the right thing to do for the benefit of others. I believe this attitude is sorely missed in our society today.

One of the things I love about Jiu-Jitsu and really all grappling arts is that you quickly learn to overcome insurmountable pressure. When someone twice your size is trying to squeeze your face and you feel like your jaw bone is breaking, you can quit or you can man up and find a way out. I believe this is a Biblical concept as well. In the world we live in so many people give up easily. I see it everywhere. In Jiu-Jitsu it takes a year or longer to receive your first colored belt. Most quit before every achieving even this goal. The statistics show that 80% of those who start Jiu-Jitsu will never make it to blue belt. Less than 1% will make it to black belt. That’s amazing to me. I have always had a never quit mentality that drives me. I carefully consider what I start because I know my personality. In college after I received a masters degree I considered going into the PHd program. I didn’t because I knew I would never quit. When my wife and I married I told her to make sure because I never quit anything. But why?

Most in modern society would say that these are personal choices that are up to me. Are they really? One of the most freeing truths that I’ve learned is that life isn’t about me. Therefore, everything I do is weighed on how it affects those around me. If I quit what am I saying to my wife, children, students, friends, and all who know me. This is true in marriage, work, education, and every other area of life. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for David to stand up and face the giant. I’m sure he had doubts and was even afraid. I’m also sure he had something inside of him saying, “This is the right thing to do.”

People ask me why I don’t drink alcohol. They will say, “Nowhere in the Bible is drinking alcohol forbidden.” They are right. I could easily go have a drink, if life were about me. I can’t however because of how it may impact those around me. I refuse to be a bad example. My wife, children, family, students, and church members are far to important for me to set a bad example in anything I do.

Sadly I see married couples divorce every day. I see drugs, alcohol, affairs, laziness and so much more have such a negative impact on our society. This could all be changed if just a few people would stand up and simply say, “I will never quit.” If you are reading this, let me encourage you to be an overcomer. You can do anything as long as your motives are pure. Fight for what is right. Reject that which is wrong. Embrace the role of being a good example to all. It will be challenging. It will cost you time, pain, sleep, and sorrow. You will struggle and you may even mess up from time to time. I also believe you experience great successes in life that may surprise even you. Strive for perfect friends. Matthew 5:48 – Be Perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Are you ready to stand?

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